Hi, I’m Doug. I designed this site, and you can probably blame me for anything here that’s broken, ugly, or poorly thought out. Oh, and I’m also Cam’s husband, father of two incredible girls, founder of several companies, and a designer of many things. I love studying and admiring design from others, and learning or devising new ways of building what I envision.

Doug Bowman

I spend my time creating new things, tweaking and improving existing things, and wondering about other things that I’ll probably never have time to learn or address. I’ve done some writing and some speaking in the past. But I’m probably best known by friends and colleagues as a graphic designer and digital designer.

I grew up in a rural area north of Columbus, Ohio. Just like everyone else in that area, I was raised a Buckeye, and spent my early days dreaming of playing football in the Horseshoe at Ohio State. But my love of art and drawing and craft was a little stronger than playing third-string tight end. (I was never very good at football.) So it’s not much surprise that I gravitated in that direction when I chose to go to school far away from home. In college, I eventually discovered design as the perfect blend of art, business, and math–subjects that ended up grabbing most of my interest in high school.

A couple years after school, I jumped at an opportunity to move to San Francisco and work as a junior designer for WIRED. Specifically, I joined the HotWired team. And despite having very little web design experience, I spent several years with a ragtag group of designers and engineers, helping pioneer and shape the web in its early days. That was back when none of us really knew what we were doing, and very few others knew either.

Doug with the girls

Fast forward to today, and skipping over a couple decades of design for large tech companies in the Bay Area. I’m happy contributing to various projects, often with much smaller teams. Cam and I have a few initiatives going now that keep us busy, in between all the responsibilities and things we want to do as active, involved parents.