Back to school with Bombas

Bombas Socks

This year, we partnered with Bombas for socks for the whole family. It’s because of Bombas’ mission: “Bee Better” that we looked to them for getting the girls ready to go. Each pair of their socks knits in the mantra of “bee better” as a reminder that with every pair you purchase, Bombas donates one pair to someone in need.…


Plan your next event with Paperless Post


Everyone knows I love to host parties and get-togethers on a regular basis. With so many of us on different schedules, bouncing from soccer games to dance recitals, paperless invitations just make sense. I’ve been using Paperless Post for the last five years, and love how it takes the work out of creating a formal invitation.


Self care: Taking care of me first

I tend to be on the uptight side. I like things a certain way and I am rarely patient. If I ask for something, I like it immediately. Apparently not the entire universe works this way. Moving to Southern California has given me a pass to let things go and not worry so much.…


Battling anxiety: When the sky turns gray

I’ve been in a bit of a funk. It’s the kind of funk that I can probably get out of quickly if I did something about it. But right now, I’m feeling very melancholy. It didn’t dawn on me why I was feeling this way until I looked at the date.…