It’s true. I asked Cam to marry me earlier tonight. I tried to plan a proposal out in advance. But when the time actually came, it went way better than planned.

The weather was perfect, no clouds on the horizon. We were standing in a great vantage point, high above the cliffs, looking out over the ocean just as the sun was setting, nearing the horizon. If you haven’t heard the whole story yet, you’ll have to ask Cam about it the next time you see her. My bet’s that this is one story she’ll never get tired of telling.

Cam balances me in so many ways, just as I balance her. We’re often similar, yet different just enough to keep our relationship interesting. I can’t imagine living any part of the rest of my life without Cam closely and deeply involved in it. All our friends who’ve hung out with us since we started dating a year ago can see the difference in both our lives.

Cam, you’ve made me an incredibly happy man. So glad you said “yes” earlier tonight.