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A plate of Girl Scout Samoas

How to sell LOTS of Girl Scout cookies

Jan 28, 2023 How do some Girl Scouts sell so many boxes? While our girls are no longer setting super high goals, here are some tips and perspective from a family whose daughter sold over 9,000 boxes of cookies in one season. ~1,200 words

Holiday giving

12 Days of Service & Giving

Dec 10, 2020 A lot of people are suffering this holiday season. So we created a list of 12 things we can do as a family to give back. ~800 words

Christmas gift giving ideas

Christmas Gift Giving Rules and Gift Tags (free download)

Nov 12, 2020 Focus on the reason for the season with these minimalist Christmas gift-giving rules and bonus free downloadable gift tags to print and share. ~500 words

Best hiking trails in San Diego

Aug 2, 2020 I think we’re all ready to get outdoors these days. Here are some of the best hiking trails in San Diego. ~700 words

Virtual summer camps for Girl Scouts

Jun 11, 2020 Looking for a virtual summer camp for your daughter? Girl Scouts across the country can participate in these virtual summer camps. ~3,400 words

tomatoes on a vine

Gardening Tips for Beginners

Jun 10, 2020 Want to start a garden but don’t know where to start? Here are 25 gardening tips for beginners to get your garden growing in no time. ~800 words

Five ways to help a Girl Scout and her family

May 17, 2020 This year hasn’t been kind to a lot of us. But for some, Girl Scouts is one consistent part of their lives. Here’s how you can support a Girl Scout and her family. ~900 words

Roller Coaster DIY

How to build a roller coaster

May 3, 2020 Want to combine Girl Scouts and Disney into one passion? Well check out this series on how to build a roller coaster. ~400 words

starter plants

Girl Scouts Gardener Badge Ideas to Help Celebrate Earth Day

Apr 19, 2020 Earn a Girl Scouts Gardener Badge with one of these ten easy ways to take action and help to protect and beautify the earth. ~1,100 words

scavenger hunt map

How to host a virtual indoor scavenger hunt

Apr 17, 2020 Here’s how you can host a fun indoor scavenger hunt during your next virtual meeting. This activity is customized for each level of Girl Scouts. ~400 words

white bean chili

Homemade chili: 35 recipes for you to pick from

Apr 15, 2020 You’ll please even the most discriminating palates when you choose one of these 35 homemade chili recipes in this roundup. ~800 words

Girl Scout virtual badges, patches, pins: Safety Pin award

Mar 19, 2020 Looking for ways to earn virtual badges, patches, and pins for your Girl Scout? Here’s how you can earn the Girl Scout Safety Pin from home. ~1,900 words

Virtual resources for Girl Scout patches

Mar 16, 2020 Here are several online resources were virtual patches for Girl Scouts can be earned. Although the patches may or may not be included, your child can continue to learn and keep their creative juices flowing. ~700 words

What does the coronavirus mean for Girl Scouts selling cookies?

Mar 3, 2020 This time of year is really important for Girl Scouts who choose to sell cookies. So what does the coronavirus mean for Girl Scouts selling cookies? ~600 words

Girl Scout Cookie Samoas Parfait

Feb 26, 2020 Looking for a fun Girl Scout cookie dessert? Try this Samoas parfait! ~300 words

paper pinwheels

How to make a paper pinwheel

Feb 21, 2020 Looking for an easy DIY craft that you can make in minutes? These paper pinwheels are the perfect craft project for any age. ~400 words

Girl Scout Cookie taste test

Taste test video: Girl Scout cookie varieties

Feb 12, 2020 Did you know there are different Girl Scout cookie bakers? Our girls taste-tested every Girl Scout cookie varieties and shared their thoughts on how each cookie compares. ~400 words

Selling cookies door to door

Tips for selling Girl Scout cookies door to door

Jan 31, 2020 If you’re planning to go door to door to sell Girl Scout cookies, consider a few of these helpful tips before you go. ~2,300 words

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookie treat board

Jan 28, 2020 Girl Scout cookies make the perfect treat board for any event. Find your favorite Girl Scout and get a few cookie flavors to make a quick and easy dessert board for any occasion. ~200 words

Girl Scout patches

Where can I buy Girl Scout patches?

Jan 20, 2020 Want to know where you can buy Girl Scout patches at a reasonable price? Here are several resources every troop leader should know about. ~600 words