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white bean chili

Homemade chili: 35 recipes for you to pick from

Apr 15, 2020 You’ll please even the most discriminating palates when you choose one of these 35 homemade chili recipes in this roundup. ~800 words

White Bean Chili: a secret recipe from Mimi’s Kitchen

Apr 8, 2020 My mother’s secret white bean chili recipe, a family favorite using quality, healthful ingredients, from our home to yours. ~400 words

english muffin pizzas

Ten easy meals your Girl Scout can make

Nov 10, 2019 Dust off your crockpot, get your instant pot out of the box, and warm up the oven. Our Girl Scouts are ready to get cooking. ~600 words

Chicken and rice soup

Easy chicken and rice Instant Pot soup

Nov 14, 2017 It finally happened. The week before Thanksgiving our house gets hit by the plague. Or cold season, depending on how you look at it. Anytime my children have to take sick days from school, it feels more like the plague… ~300 words