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Holiday update, 2006

Dec 17, 2006 We realize it’s been a while since we posted any news here. So much going on, so much to do, so much fun to have. So we’re posting the letter here that we sent out with our Christmas card. This… ~400 words

Glamour shots

Jun 14, 2006 Doug and I had our big engagement photo shoot on Sunday. We met with our photographer at 7:00am at Baker Beach in San Francisco. Once we got there, we had to cancel our morning engagement. The fog had rolled in,… ~200 words

Dancing with two left feet

Music for my two left feet

Jun 11, 2006 I never knew selecting music for the wedding would be such a challenge. I’m finding that my earlier years of watching soap operas have really impacted my life. I try not to add every theme song from John and Marlena… ~200 words

Summer in SF

May 28, 2006 “You can never go without a coat in the summer in the city of San Francisco.” — Mark Twain, 1891 Just over one hundred years later, it seems nothing has changed about the weather in San Francisco. If you plan on coming to our summer wedding, bring a coat!… ~200 words

Dance fever

May 7, 2006 The wedding is fast approaching–just a little over 80 days away. Doug and I have yet to sign up for dance lessons. Doug would be fine. He has a pretty solid history with the swing-dancing crowd, and could fool the… ~200 words

Dog and cat

Apr 13, 2006 The past five months of our engagement has flown by. With just about 100 days to go, we still have a few things we need to do. The website is really helpful to a lot of people and we enjoy… ~200 words

Having and eating our cake

Jan 20, 2006 It just wouldn’t be a wedding without a cake. I have a sweet tooth that never ends. I was so excited about cake-tasting, I could barely stand it. We tried several different vendors and finally honed in on one. I… ~200 words

Forks, glasses, and napkins, oh my!

Jan 4, 2006 As soon as we got engaged, I bought several bridal books and a wedding planner. Everything I read already had us three months behind schedule. We had our ideas for the church and reception site. It was just a matter… ~200 words