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Toyota Highlander driver's side window

Our experience with a Toyota Highlander SUV

Mar 8, 2018 As our family keeps getting busier with sports, Girl Scouts, after-school activities, and playdates, and with friends and family coming to visit now and then, we’ve realized maybe it’s time to consider a third-row vehicle. While we’re looking for… ~600 words

Everything you need for a thirty minute, healthy meal is in the SunBasket box.

Family meals with Sun Basket

Apr 19, 2017 I’m sure we are all running on the same fumes these days. By the time we pick up the kids, go to after school activities, and do homework… well we sometimes forget how to include dinner in that mess. We… ~300 words

Who HQ series of books

Who was… book series for young readers by WHOHQ

Apr 3, 2017 Looking for fun books full of history about historic people, places, and things? Check out the WhoHQ series for young readers. ~400 words

These two are the biggest SF Giants fan around! Softball girls at heart.

Inspiring books for kids who play sports

Mar 17, 2017 Looking for books to inspire your sports minded kids? Here are several books your sports playing kids will love. ~500 words

Sparkling water brands

Fear of running out (of water)

Jul 11, 2016 Ever since I cut way back on drinking soda and other sweetened drinks, I have been on a quest for more water. You guys know, I talk about this endlessly around here. When my body gets accustomed to ingesting lots… ~600 words

The Great Kardini

The Amazing Zhus

Nov 17, 2014 The holidays are almost here. I know this because I find myself saying to our daughters, “put it on your list” every time we leave the house. We have a pretty firm rule in our household for Christmas. The girls… ~300 words

PopSugar Box 3

POPSUGAR Must Have Box

Sep 19, 2014 I just got my first POPSUGAR Must Have box and I am thrilled. The POPSUGAR Must Have box was the first box subscription where I could actually enjoy everything in the box. The box is $39.95 a month, but the… ~200 words

American Girl stores, a fun Summer destination

Jun 27, 2014 When I was a little girl, I loved playing with dolls. I would spend the summer with my grandparents. My grandmother spent hours making doll clothes for many of my friends. American Girl had just started, and several catalogs had… ~400 words

My latest obsession: StitchFix

Apr 7, 2014 No shopping, no dressing rooms, and a fun surprise once a month. StitchFix is a personal stylist that helps you create a wardrobe based on several questions you answer and what you appear to like. ~400 words

Our Duck Boat driver

Ride the Ducks: San Francisco

Aug 20, 2012 There is so much to see in San Francisco. We’ve lived here many years now and I can honestly say that even I haven’t seen it all. We recently had the opportunity to “Ride the Ducks” through San Francisco and I couldn’t wait to take my family on the adventure. ~500 words

Our first visit to Tom Keller’s Ad Hoc Restaurant

May 29, 2008 My husband and I planned our dinner reservations at Tom Keller’s Ad Hoc around the famous “fried chicken” night. We couldn’t have been happier with the menu. Everything was served “family” style with unlimited portions. The wait staff was friendly… ~400 words

Bouchon, Yountville

May 28, 2008 We’ve been to Bouchon in Las Vegas — but that was for brunch on a Sunday morning. This was our chance to test Keller’s Napa version for a true dinner. We made reservations 2 months in advance to make sure… ~400 words

Georges at the Cove

Nov 18, 2005 After I proposed to Cam last night, we drove up to La Jolla where I had dinner reservations at Georges awaiting our arrival. We had a lovely dinner, probably warmed by the glow of our happiness over the engagement. This,… ~200 words