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A plate of Girl Scout Samoas

How to sell LOTS of Girl Scout cookies

Jan 28, 2023 How do some Girl Scouts sell so many boxes? While our girls are no longer setting super high goals, here are some tips and perspective from a family whose daughter sold over 9,000 boxes of cookies in one season. ~1,200 words

What does the coronavirus mean for Girl Scouts selling cookies?

Mar 3, 2020 This time of year is really important for Girl Scouts who choose to sell cookies. So what does the coronavirus mean for Girl Scouts selling cookies? ~600 words

Girl Scout Cookie taste test

Taste test video: Girl Scout cookie varieties

Feb 12, 2020 Did you know there are different Girl Scout cookie bakers? Our girls taste-tested every Girl Scout cookie varieties and shared their thoughts on how each cookie compares. ~400 words

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookie treat board

Jan 28, 2020 Girl Scout cookies make the perfect treat board for any event. Find your favorite Girl Scout and get a few cookie flavors to make a quick and easy dessert board for any occasion. ~200 words

candy and cookies on a board

Valentine’s Day treat boards

Jan 16, 2020 Fun DIY Valentine’s Day treat boards that any busy mom can put together in a snap. These are perfect for class parties or Galentine’s Day. ~400 words

cookie booth

How to maximize your Girl Scout cookie booth time

Jan 4, 2020 Do you have Girl Scouts selling cookies at booths? Here’s how to maximize their time selling, and some ideas you can use as a leader to motivate them and keep them engaged. ~1,000 words

S'More cookie

How to survive Girl Scout cookie season

Jan 1, 2020 For those new to cookies and those who are seasoned veterans, here are several ways to survive Girl Scout cookie season as a leader or cookie manager. ~1,300 words

Linzer Cookies

Classic Linzer cookie recipe

Dec 4, 2019 One of my favorite cookies is the Linzer cookie. This elegant cookie is a perfect way to impress your guests or take to your next cookie party. ~400 words

chocolate peanut butter cookie

20 no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies

Oct 29, 2019 As much as we love to bake around here, it’s been in the high eighties for several weeks now. Not really conducive for lighting up the oven. One of my favorite ways to make cookies is by not baking at… ~200 words

pepperment mocha cookies

20 Festive Christmas Cookies

Oct 28, 2019 My cookie party is just around the corner and each year I try to think of a fun cookie that I have yet to make. This year I am going with a vintage deer these so I wanted something festive.… ~300 words

Girl Scout Cookie Trefoils

Why do Girl Scout cookies have different names?

Feb 1, 2018 We are in FULL Girl Scout cookie mode around here. We take our girls door to door and sell as many cookies as we can. Our oldest daughter has a very ambitious goal of 1000 boxes of cookies. Thankfully, our… ~400 words

Our girl holding up a box of Samoas

Ten reasons you should not sell Girl Scout Cookies

Jan 18, 2018 If you don’t want your child to grow up smart, strong, independent and brave, here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t sell Girl Scout cookies. ~800 words

Classic Butter Cookies

Quick and easy butter cookies

Dec 9, 2014 Over the weekend, I was feeling under the weather. In fact, I’m still not 100%, but I knew I had an event coming up that I had to bring a holiday cookie. Normally, I wouldn’t care too much and bring… ~300 words