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Battling anxiety: When the sky turns gray

Sep 11, 2016 I’ve been in a bit of a funk. It’s the kind of funk that I can probably get out of quickly if I did something about it. But right now, I’m feeling very melancholy. It didn’t dawn on me why… ~400 words


What teachers really want for back to school supplies

Sep 6, 2016 It’s that time of year again when our kids head back to school. Parents settle into a normal routine, and forget to pack lunches for the first day. Oh wait, is that just me? One of the things I stress… ~600 words

Sparkling water brands

Fear of running out (of water)

Jul 11, 2016 Ever since I cut way back on drinking soda and other sweetened drinks, I have been on a quest for more water. You guys know, I talk about this endlessly around here. When my body gets accustomed to ingesting lots… ~600 words

Introducing Buster!

Jun 28, 2016 This past weekend we expanded our family. Meet Buster, our 12 week old black lab mix puppy. Buster came to us from the Helen Woodward Animal Center. We were initially apprehensive about adopting a rescue. But we now think… ~200 words

Lost gun

Do you own a gun?

Jun 2, 2016 I recently came across a Facebook page about a child who was playing at a friends house after school one day. When the parents dropped their daughter off at school that morning, they never imagined it to be the last… ~600 words

Our dog, Jackson (aka, Bubba)

Saying goodbye to our first dog

May 16, 2016 A couple of weeks ago, we lost you, Jackson. Last year we found out you had cancer, and it was a rough go initially. But you’ve been in great health since we had a tumor removed on your leg. So… ~300 words

Daisy Bridging

Girl Scout bridging ceremony

May 11, 2016 I scoured the internets for ideas around a Daisy Bridging Ceremony, and couldn’t really find what I was looking for as a party theme. I was surprised at how few ideas there were on Pinterest and wanted to share what I did. ~500 words

toy story cupcake toppers

Toy Story birthday

Apr 11, 2016 Just when I thought we had moved on from Toy Story, our four year old surprised us with her birthday party request. Move over princesses, Toy Story for the win. I was kicking myself for not saving the Jesse boots… ~500 words


A fresh start

Apr 8, 2016 Today is a fresh start. A fresh start for writing and bringing back to life the passion that might have been misplaced for a while. Over a year ago, we decided to make some pretty big changes for our family.… ~300 words