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Book Review: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Jan 26, 2023 Looking for a non-traditional rom-com book? This quick read will take you into a science lab where love becomes the hypothesis. It’s a fun read that will make you appreciate the author’s pursuit of strong, intelligent female leading ladies. ~400 words

Best used book store on the internet

Apr 29, 2021 Second Sale is one of the best-used books stores on the internet! ~400 words

shelves and shelves of rainbow-colored books

Brightlings Book Camp for Girls

Dec 15, 2020 A Brightlings Book Camp will give girls 8-12 years old their start on a journey of writing and publishing their own chapter book. ~500 words

Literati Kids Subscription Box Review

Nov 16, 2020 Looking for a great gift for your avid reader? Literati Kids subscription box is the perfect gift for any book worm. ~400 words

Christmas gift giving ideas

Christmas Gift Giving Rules and Gift Tags (free download)

Nov 12, 2020 Focus on the reason for the season with these minimalist Christmas gift-giving rules and bonus free downloadable gift tags to print and share. ~500 words

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Homeschooling: Book report sheets and reading list

May 5, 2020 Looking for a way to keep your kids engaged in reading while we figure out home learning? Here’s a great list of books and book report sheet to keep learning fun. ~600 words

13 Books for children with Dyslexia

Oct 28, 2019 October is International Dyslexia Awareness month. Here are thirteen books that will help your child relate to characters who are also dyslexic. ~1,800 words

Books for Empowerment

Ten empowering books for girls

May 30, 2019 I’m a girl mom. And coming up with the title for this post was important and I wanted to get it right. I really did. But when it came down to it, I am raising two girls. My job is… ~300 words

Who HQ series of books

Who was… book series for young readers by WHOHQ

Apr 3, 2017 Looking for fun books full of history about historic people, places, and things? Check out the WhoHQ series for young readers. ~400 words

These two are the biggest SF Giants fan around! Softball girls at heart.

Inspiring books for kids who play sports

Mar 17, 2017 Looking for books to inspire your sports minded kids? Here are several books your sports playing kids will love. ~500 words

Year of YES

How to start a book club

Feb 17, 2017 Remember my post a couple weeks ago about finding your tribe? Well, I talked a lot about how making new friends is kinda like dating and you really need to find commonality within a group in order to fit… ~400 words

Tinkerlab: A hands-on guide for little inventors

Jul 1, 2014 Kids are funny, and scary. When I realized I had a creative little toddler, I struggled to find ways to keep her busy. I knew our oldest daughter was full of creativity, just like her dad. I needed to find… ~400 words

Blog to book in 30 days

Mar 4, 2014 One of the best things I’ve ever done is publish my first book, 101 Disneyland Tips. Even though it was a lot of work, it was so much fun, and I really enjoyed the entire process. Several people have… ~700 words

101 Disneyland Tips, the book

Dec 2, 2013 I’m so excited that I finally get share my new book with you. 101 Disneyland Tips is now available for purchase in paperback, Kindle, and other eBook reader editions. Back in September, I started a 30 Days of Disneyland Tips ~400 words