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NUVO dance convention

How we turned into a dance family

May 27, 2022 I never knew our girls wanted to dance. I didn’t even know they could dance. Before we knew it, we were fully committed. Now dance is a huge part of our family. ~700 words

shelves and shelves of rainbow-colored books

Brightlings Book Camp for Girls

Dec 15, 2020 A Brightlings Book Camp will give girls 8-12 years old their start on a journey of writing and publishing their own chapter book. ~500 words

Dealing with mean girl behavior in elementary and middle school years

Apr 7, 2020 Dealing with mean girl behavior means recognizing these tendencies in our own daughters and teaching them kindness, inclusivity, and respect for others. ~1,600 words

These two are the biggest SF Giants fan around! Softball girls at heart.

Inspiring books for kids who play sports

Mar 17, 2017 Looking for books to inspire your sports minded kids? Here are several books your sports playing kids will love. ~500 words