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Book Review: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Jan 26, 2023 Looking for a non-traditional rom-com book? This quick read will take you into a science lab where love becomes the hypothesis. It’s a fun read that will make you appreciate the author’s pursuit of strong, intelligent female leading ladies. ~400 words

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Brightlings Book Camp for Girls

Dec 15, 2020 A Brightlings Book Camp will give girls 8-12 years old their start on a journey of writing and publishing their own chapter book. ~500 words

Best magazines for kids, tweens, and teens

Sep 1, 2020 Magazines are still around and we have a list of the top 20 magazines for kids, tweens, and teens. ~1,700 words

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Girl Scouts Gardener Badge Ideas to Help Celebrate Earth Day

Apr 19, 2020 Earn a Girl Scouts Gardener Badge with one of these ten easy ways to take action and help to protect and beautify the earth. ~1,100 words

Dealing with mean girl behavior in elementary and middle school years

Apr 7, 2020 Dealing with mean girl behavior means recognizing these tendencies in our own daughters and teaching them kindness, inclusivity, and respect for others. ~1,600 words

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Product reviews, affiliate links, ads, and staying in my own lane

Oct 21, 2019 Do you ever speak up, then think maybe you shouldn’t have said anything? Or have you judged someone for doing something just because you wouldn’t do it? We all have. But we shouldn’t. ~500 words

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Kindness matters: How we are spreading kindness

Dec 4, 2017 Making “Kindness Rocks” is a fun way to get girls engaged, create conversations, and spread kindness. ~400 words

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Greater Ink: creating the change we want to see

Jul 10, 2017 I’ve written so many post-election pieces that haven’t been published here. We felt this past election year was hard on a lot of people, our family included. As parents of two young girls, we were constantly faced with questions about… ~400 words

Year of YES

How to start a book club

Feb 17, 2017 Remember my post a couple weeks ago about finding your tribe? Well, I talked a lot about how making new friends is kinda like dating and you really need to find commonality within a group in order to fit… ~400 words

The runDisney phenomenon and runners to watch

Jan 26, 2017 Let’s be perfectly clear here… I am not in shape. I don’t exercise regularly even though I want to with all my being. I let every excuse in the book prevent me from going to the gym or even around… ~600 words

Finding my tribe

Jan 24, 2017 Supposably we replace and make new friends every ten years or so. Whatever your life events that have lead you to making new friends, know you’re not alone on the adventure. ~400 words

Pixar in concert

San Francisco Symphony: Pixar in concert

Jul 18, 2014 This weekend, the San Francisco Symphony will be performing Pixar in Concert. From the Toy Story trilogy to The Incredibles and Up, Pixar Animation Studios has always given their audiences an unforgettable performance. Audiences of all ages are forever… ~200 words

Working in Kindergarten

What I learned from kindergarten

May 31, 2014 It seems like yesterday that we were walking our daughter to her first day of school. She was just starting out as a kindergartener. Yet, when we walked her to school yesterday, it was her last day of kindergarten. Looking… ~500 words

Camp Galileo: adventures down under!

Apr 25, 2014 Last summer was the first time we sent Emma to a summer camp. I was more than a little nervous and apprehensive. She would be starting Kindergarten in the fall, and I knew camp would be a good time… ~200 words

Edventure More Summer Camps

Mar 19, 2014 Last year was the first year our oldest daughter went to summer camp. I wanted her to have a new experience making friends as she transitioned into Kindergarten. We found a camp that was a perfect fit, and opened… ~300 words

Summertime with Camp Galileo

Aug 6, 2013 This summer, Emma spent two weeks at Camp Galileo. This was the first year we explored our options for a summer activity. With Emma starting Kindergarten this year, we wanted her to have a new experience that might help… ~300 words

Life list: attend a Fleetwood Mac concert

May 23, 2013 I’ve loved Fleetwood Mac as long as I can remember. Stevie Nicks still has it after all these years. The guys, they aren’t so bad either. One of my Life List goals was to see Fleetwood Mac, live. Last night,… ~50 words