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A plate of Girl Scout Samoas

How to sell LOTS of Girl Scout cookies

Jan 28, 2023 How do some Girl Scouts sell so many boxes? While our girls are no longer setting super high goals, here are some tips and perspective from a family whose daughter sold over 9,000 boxes of cookies in one season. ~1,200 words

Book Review: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Jan 26, 2023 Looking for a non-traditional rom-com book? This quick read will take you into a science lab where love becomes the hypothesis. It’s a fun read that will make you appreciate the author’s pursuit of strong, intelligent female leading ladies. ~400 words

Dance bag with shoes and a water bottle

10 items every dancer needs in a competition dance bag

Jun 2, 2022 Getting ready for dance competition season can be stressful. Make sure your dance bag is competition season ready with these ten items every dancer needs during the dance season. ~1,300 words

NUVO dance convention

How we turned into a dance family

May 27, 2022 I never knew our girls wanted to dance. I didn’t even know they could dance. Before we knew it, we were fully committed. Now dance is a huge part of our family. ~700 words

kids clothing labels

Get ready for summer camp with Name Bubbles

May 17, 2021 Are you visiting the lost and found looking for missing water bottles or jackets? Stock up on Name Bubbles labels and look no further. ~500 words

The Disney Wish sets sail Summer 2022

All aboard the new Disney Wish

May 14, 2021 Want to know about the latest Disney Cruise Line fleet? Here’s everything you need to know about the new Disney Wish setting sail summer of 2022! ~1,100 words

Best used book store on the internet

Apr 29, 2021 Second Sale is one of the best-used books stores on the internet! ~400 words

Perfect fit sports bra for tweens

Jan 22, 2021 Have an active tween at home looking for the perfect fit bra? Apricotton has the perfect fit sports bra for tweens. Plus a few other age appropriate options for girls. ~400 words

diy tea kit

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts kids can make

Jan 6, 2021 Looking for different and creative DIY Valentine’s Day gifts kids can make? Here are ten easy crafts that will bring joy to your Valentine. ~700 words

shelves and shelves of rainbow-colored books

Brightlings Book Camp for Girls

Dec 15, 2020 A Brightlings Book Camp will give girls 8-12 years old their start on a journey of writing and publishing their own chapter book. ~500 words

Holiday Madeleine Cookies

Dec 14, 2020 These three ingredient holiday madeleine cookies are so easy to make and required little effort on your part. Perfect for a holiday craft. ~400 words

Holiday giving

12 Days of Service & Giving

Dec 10, 2020 A lot of people are suffering this holiday season. So we created a list of 12 things we can do as a family to give back. ~800 words

Easy cranberry sauce recipes

Nov 17, 2020 You no longer have to eat cranberry sauce out of a can unless you really want to do that. Here are twenty easy cranberry sauce recipes for you to enjoy this holiday season. ~300 words

Literati Kids Subscription Box Review

Nov 16, 2020 Looking for a great gift for your avid reader? Literati Kids subscription box is the perfect gift for any book worm. ~400 words

Christmas gift giving ideas

Christmas Gift Giving Rules and Gift Tags (free download)

Nov 12, 2020 Focus on the reason for the season with these minimalist Christmas gift-giving rules and bonus free downloadable gift tags to print and share. ~500 words

Face masks (for adults) that will make you laugh

Oct 30, 2020 KidCover also makes a handful of masks intended for adults that will make you laugh. Although these maskes are not for everyone, it will get a point across quickly. ~600 words

Homemade Apple Cider

15 Refreshing Fall Drink Recipes to Serve to a Crowd

Oct 29, 2020 Looking for something beyond eggnog and cider, try one of these refreshing fall drink recipes to serve at your next get together. ~400 words

Screen-Free Fall Activities for Families (30+ list)

Oct 27, 2020 Looking to get off the screens and spend time together this fall? These 30 screen-free family activities will help you reconnect while having fun together. ~300 words

chocolate donuts

Delicious Zucchini Recipes Perfect for Breakfast

Oct 26, 2020 Looking for a new way to use up that leftover zucchini? Look no more. Here are 15 delicious zucchini recipes make just for breakfast! ~400 words

How to Make Cardamom and Clove Acorn Squash in the Air Fryer

Oct 16, 2020 This flavorful cardamom and clove acorn squash can be made in the air fryer for a quick, easy and healthful side dish for you fall table. ~500 words