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Glamour shots

Jun 14, 2006 Doug and I had our big engagement photo shoot on Sunday. We met with our photographer at 7:00am at Baker Beach in San Francisco. Once we got there, we had to cancel our morning engagement. The fog had rolled in,… ~200 words

Dancing with two left feet

Music for my two left feet

Jun 11, 2006 I never knew selecting music for the wedding would be such a challenge. I’m finding that my earlier years of watching soap operas have really impacted my life. I try not to add every theme song from John and Marlena… ~200 words

Summer in SF

May 28, 2006 “You can never go without a coat in the summer in the city of San Francisco.” — Mark Twain, 1891 Just over one hundred years later, it seems nothing has changed about the weather in San Francisco. If you plan on coming to our summer wedding, bring a coat!… ~200 words

Dance fever

May 7, 2006 The wedding is fast approaching–just a little over 80 days away. Doug and I have yet to sign up for dance lessons. Doug would be fine. He has a pretty solid history with the swing-dancing crowd, and could fool the… ~200 words

Dog and cat

Apr 13, 2006 The past five months of our engagement has flown by. With just about 100 days to go, we still have a few things we need to do. The website is really helpful to a lot of people and we enjoy… ~200 words

Having and eating our cake

Jan 20, 2006 It just wouldn’t be a wedding without a cake. I have a sweet tooth that never ends. I was so excited about cake-tasting, I could barely stand it. We tried several different vendors and finally honed in on one. I… ~200 words

Forks, glasses, and napkins, oh my!

Jan 4, 2006 As soon as we got engaged, I bought several bridal books and a wedding planner. Everything I read already had us three months behind schedule. We had our ideas for the church and reception site. It was just a matter… ~200 words

Registry: not just for girls

Dec 20, 2005 I wanted to register as soon as possible, in hopes that many items might go on sale after the holidays. At first, Douglas wanted no part of the registry, and I practically had to drag him downtown to get started.… ~200 words

I am engaged!

Nov 25, 2005 I still can’t believe that I am getting married to Douglas Bowman. I know a lot of you are in shock as well. For those of you who don’t know, I met Doug the second week in July 1992. I… ~100 words

Location location location

Nov 21, 2005 Just four days after proposing to Cam, we already have a date set, and coordinated that date with our first choices for ceremony and reception locations. That was way too easy. To be fair, we already knew (basically) where we… ~200 words

Georges at the Cove

Nov 18, 2005 After I proposed to Cam last night, we drove up to La Jolla where I had dinner reservations at Georges awaiting our arrival. We had a lovely dinner, probably warmed by the glow of our happiness over the engagement. This,… ~200 words


Nov 17, 2005 It’s true. I asked Cam to marry me earlier tonight. I tried to plan a proposal out in advance. But when the time actually came, it went way better than planned. The weather was perfect, no clouds on the horizon.… ~200 words