Halfway through the pregnancy

I am now 20 weeks pregnant and we’re getting ready for the baby. This means a multitude of things from baby registry to the nursery. We’re no longer thinking of ourselves, but of the new life we will bring home… a lot sooner than we think. Just when we think we have things under control, we get blindsided by an unexpected realization from someone who already has a baby. Regardless of the additional stress and responsibility that keeps piling on, we couldn’t be happier. Doug was able to put together the nursery in no time, something we thought would take a lot longer. We had to downsize his office dramatically. But now we have a special place just for our bundle of joy!

I always knew being married to a designer might be challenging at times. Where some spouses might not have an opinion, my husband does. It’s one of the things I have grown to love and appreciate about Doug. He actually cares about the look and feel of an item. This makes preparing for a baby much easier. Doug is doing tons of research on safety, comfort, and of course the style of many products we’re interested in. I’m really glad he took on this role. Not only does it free me to do other things. I know our baby will be safe, and possibly a little stylish too.

We are very lucky to have a great support group when it comes to baby stuff. In recent months and years, several of our close friends have had new babies. We are also practicing our parenting skills with our cute niece, Sienna, who just turned one year old this month. We quickly realized that neither of us is ready to be left alone with a new baby!

It’s nice to know we have 20 more weeks to get ready, research, and prepare for our little girl.