Catching up

Just like the rest of you, we have been very busy this year. First, we can’t believe we just passed our one-year anniversary. It seems like just yesterday we were saying “I do.” I guess being so busy made this year fly by.

Our most exciting news for this year is our new home. We just bought our first home and are very excited. It’s hard to believe that we actually did it. We never thought home ownership in the Bay Area would be possible but amazingly it worked out.

Our dog, Jackson, can now be confused for a small pony. We’ve thought about renting him out for birthday parties… just kidding. He loves the new home and the beautiful backyard he claims as his.

Even though Google has taken up most of our time, we managed to take a couple of weeks and head to Italy in May of this year. We had an amazing time and will have pictures up soon. We are a little behind on photos.

We would love to hear from all of you, and know how you’re doing as well. Please drop us a line and let us know the latest and greatest!