Dog and cat

The past five months of our engagement has flown by. With just about 100 days to go, we still have a few things we need to do. The website is really helpful to a lot of people and we enjoy the comments and emails you have sent.

I was talking with my mother a few days ago. She can use a computer but it’s not something she’s too savvy with. I asked her if she had seen the site. She said she loves it, and has shared it with all her coworkers and friends. Although there is just one thing Doug and I thought was really funny. Maybe some of you have even ran upon this too.

My mother doesn’t type in, nor does she have our site bookmarked. Instead she types DougandCam (with no spaces) into Google. Well, if you do that, the results you get back will include the question at the top “did you mean dog and cat?” So for those of you who may want to check out our site and can’t remember our URL, just go to Google and type in DogandCat… it just may get you to our website!