Having and eating our cake

It just wouldn’t be a wedding without a cake. I have a sweet tooth that never ends. I was so excited about cake-tasting, I could barely stand it. We tried several different vendors and finally honed in on one.

I must say, this has been my favorite part of wedding planning. Even though we didn’t select them to make our cake, one of the cake makers we met with was Citizen Cake, a well-known patisserie and cafe here in San Francisco. Their “Retro Tropical Shag” cake was to die for! Ohmygoodness! This is by far the best dessert I have ever put in my mouth. It’s a white cake with passion fruit filling covered in butter cream frosting and then sprinkled all over with coconut.

Okay, so you might understand why it can’t be our wedding cake. But the Tropical Shag now my favorite dessert, and we live just minutes away from a petite cake for two!