Traveling made easy: Creating a travel wardrobe

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We love to travel… a lot. Any chance we get, we’ll hit the road. Since I’m the one that packs up three out of four of us, I pretty much have this down to a science. I know exactly how much will fit in each bag and still have a good idea of how much room is left for those extras we pick up along the way. One thing I have done over the years is create a travel wardrobe for myself so it’s one less thing that I need to worry about.

You hear how Steve Jobs always wore the same thing every day, so he never had to think of something so mundane? Well, that’s how I tackle travel. I know exactly what I’m going to wear every time I head out the door to my next destination. I think I might have picked this up from my flight attendant days. We always had to be dressed and prepared to sit in First Class. I always kept that one outfit in my bag for those just in case moments.

Travel Wardrobe

Here’s my quick and easy travel wardrobe:

This is just what I’m wearing. What’s in my handbag is another story. But you can see my travel wardrobe is very basic, casual, and classic. I can dress it up or down and still be very comfortable. I’m also not going to be too hot or cold and I don’t have anything that would take up a lot of space. The great thing about my travel outfit is that it’s not expensive. So when I need to replace an item, I know it’s not going to cost a small fortune. Which means, more money for my trips!