When we go shopping

We think our little girl might be a shopper already. Either that. Or she’s a Barenaked Ladies fan. We had our week 24 check-up today. I was telling the doctor how active our little girl is. So active that when she hasn’t moved for 15 minutes I start to worry. He told me that I might go for a few days without feeling her, but that if I wanted to get her to move, just play some music for her.

Doug and I were getting ready for bed tonight and she was moving a bit. I asked Doug if he wanted to feel her. But unfortunately, each time I ask Doug to feel her, she often stops moving. Maybe it’s something about Doug’s calming presence.

Doug put on some music, but we didn’t get much activity. Then he put on the Barenaked Ladies song, “Shopping,” turned up the volume a little, and all of a sudden, she really started to move and kick. It was hilarious. He’d stop the music, and she’d stop moving. Start it, and she’d turn into a gymnast again. We were laughing, but felt we should at least play something that might stimulate her little brain. We tried several different Mozart/Vivaldi selections. But she wasn’t having it. We played BNL again and she started dancing all over again! I think we’re in trouble.