Georges at the Cove

After I proposed to Cam last night, we drove up to La Jolla where I had dinner reservations at Georges awaiting our arrival. We had a lovely dinner, probably warmed by the glow of our happiness over the engagement. This, despite the fact that our waiter initially brought out the wrong steaks, which he had to take back to the kitchen and have the chef start over. We waited another hour for the right steaks to be prepared. Once they were brought out to us, they were still both a step or two undercooked from what we had requested.

Oh well. I doubt it mattered much, as we were both enjoying each other’s company so much. We barely noticed time passing. Dessert made up ten fold for our small misfortunes with the main course.

While we were dining, the maître d’ came over to us (she knew we got engaged earlier that evening) to tell us about another couple there at Georges sitting by the window. Apparently he was also planning on proposing that night, right there during dinner. So we also entertained ourselves by watching them, and noting how nervous the about-to-propose gentleman looked and behaved the entire night.

We were glad we got to enjoy our own moment earlier that evening without being surrounded by other lookers-on.