Heavy heart but always full of hope

Over the past couple of weeks I have had a very heavy heart. Some of you may remember my friend Brandi and her family. Specifially, Brandi’s son Luke. Luke is a nine year old twin boy who has been battling stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer for some time. He is such a trouper and his strength is inspirational.

So many of you got to know Brandi and her family last Christmas through our blog and have asked for an update. There is a new update on Luke over at CaringBridge that says it all. The post is written by Luke’s father Mark. Please keep their entire family in your thoughts and prayers.

Cancer sucks.

I may have a heavy heart right now but I will always be full of hope.

Please consider making a donation to CaringBridge in Luke Johnstons name or consider donating to the The Pediatric Cancer Foundation in hopes that their research will be able to benefit others in similar situations to little Luke… No amount is too small and every bit is appreciated.


  1. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    My heart is breaking for your friend, her sweet boy, and the rest of their family. I don’t even have words to express how much I wish that I could do something…anything.

    1. Cam nothankyouplease.com

      Thank you Nicole. I’ve been sitting on this post for almost two weeks trying to find the words and I have nothing. Tonight Luke’s mom said “thanks for sharing about Luke- it truly is the only way I can accept what is happeneing to know that God has promised to touch lives from it and bring good out of pain” She is such a bigger person than I could ever be!

  2. Sherri oldtweener.com

    Childhood cancer is one of the very saddest and most unfair things any family should ever have to deal with, Cam. I am so very sorry for your friend…

    1. Cam nothankyouplease.com

      Thank you so much Sherri. I wish there was a cure. It is one of the saddest and hardest things to see happen to children.

  3. Melissa confessionsoadrmom.com

    Thoughts and prayers for your friend, Cam. Caring Bridge is amazing. Thank you for sharing their story. Cancer and children…ugh, Cam…one of the most terrible things.

    1. Cam nothankyouplease.com

      Thanks Melissa. I’m sure you see this more times than you want in a lifetime. It just makes you feel so helpless.

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