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Household rules all kids need

Every household is different when it comes to what rules they establish. As a parent, it's entirely up to you what you implement for your own household rules. Here are some basic categories of rules all kids need.

Pillow fight.

Every household is different when it comes to what rules they have. As a parent, it’s entirely up to you what you implement in your household. But there are some basic household rules all children need. Every parent may set up household rules in a different manner, and that’s okay. Below are the types of rules all kids need, so you can work toward having a peaceful home that maintains structure and balance.

Promote your family values

Pillow fight.

Some household rules should be used to teach kids morals and values of the family unit. These are rules that teach kids to not speak if they don’t have something nice to say. Or to wait and not interrupt another family member if they’re already speaking. We’re still working on this in our family. These type of rules also teach kids a certain level of respect for others, especially their elders and siblings. I’m not saying they can’t or shouldn’t speak their minds. But children need to figure out how to express frustration and anger in a respectful way. Household rules that promote family values are necessary to keep your family growing stronger in the direction that you envision it to grow.

Encourage safety

Fire Extinguisher

Some household rules should be put established to keep the kids and all family members safe. Things like jumping on the couch, riding down banisters, or using the stove without parent supervision could cause some dangerous situations. Safety standards are different for each family. But they all revolve around keeping the family unit safe, the kids safe from their lack of knowledge of dangers in the home, and the house from burning down (literally and metaphorically). We’re constantly telling our youngest that if she wants to jump, rather than do this from the back of the couch, she needs to do this at gymnastics where they have equipment and padding prepared for this.

Household rules that develop healthy habits

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Other household rules can simply help encourage healthy habits. Healthy habits that can be implemented as household rules are things like brushing teeth twice a day, picking up dirty clothes, and taking care of dishes or other used items after they’re done with them. Healthy habits established as household rules will help keep routine and structure in your kids’ lives. Their routine ultimately becomes habit and part of their lives, no matter what rules are in place. And that habit helps them continue making healthy decisions.

This list of household rules cover basic examples of life skills and manners children should learn. Adjust how you determine specific rules for your own home. And plan out rewards and consequences of following or breaking the rules. This way, you’re more likely to see each rule is followed in a way that aligns with your family’s beliefs, morals, and values.

For now, we’re just trying to get these basics down to keep the peace and live a happy life.