Music for my two left feet

I never knew selecting music for the wedding would be such a challenge. I’m finding that my earlier years of watching soap operas have really impacted my life. I try not to add every theme song from John and Marlena or Bo and Hope. But it’s been a huge challenge. After all, who doesn’t remember “Unchained Melody” or “Tonight, I celebrate my love for you”?

It’s been so much fun driving Doug crazy with all of these old favorites. I even threatened to add “Up were we belong”. But if I did that, Doug would threaten add something like “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys. I really don’t want to hear them on our wedding day. So I eased up on daytime’s greatest hits.

We just had our first dance lesson last week and I must take a minute to brag about Doug. The instructors were really impressed with our dancing skills, especially when it came time to learn and practice Swing. They made the extra effort to let us know how strong we looked while swing dancing. The great thing about dancing, if you have a strong partner you look good even if you can’t dance. It felt really good to be dancing with Doug. So although the 80s music is important to me, I also want to make sure we include some tunes everyone can swing to.