Emma: 3 months and still growing

3 months

Emma turned three months old this week. Where does the time go? This month has been amazing. She had a lot of firsts that sometimes made us laugh, and other times made us cry. We are so lucky to have such a sweet little girl.

This month, Emma started her social circle! She has many new friends her age and gets to play several times a week. It’s fun to watch the babies play together. Emma’s friend, Charlotte, is a week younger than Emma, but much more advanced. Charlotte brings out the best in Emma. We’re so grateful for her friendship!

Halloween babies

Emma also had her first Halloween. She was by far the cutest Kitty Cat around!  We went to Google’s Halloween party where she got to see her friend Tessa, who also happened to be a Kitty that day. If it wasn’t for the rain it would have been a pretty good day. We also went to our play group and hung out with our friends. The babies were all so cute dressed in their pumpkins and cowgirl/boy gear. I can’t wait till next Halloween when Emma will be walking around and might have a better idea of what the day is about.

Doug and I also had our first night out alone since Emma came home. My mother came to visit and insisted that we go out to dinner by ourselves without Emma. We were a little worried because Emma seems to have a hard time in the early evening hours. Several nights this past month, she cried for hours without stopping. This wasn’t something I wanted my mother to experience — she might never offer to babysit again! But wouldn’t you know it? Emma was an angel for my mom. So despite a little worrying, mostly on my part (Doug was fine) we were able to enjoy a nice evening out. Hopefully we’ll get to do that again sometime soon.

Emma still isn’t sleeping through the night. But we did get an amazing 3 month birthday gift from her… 8 full hours of sleep. It was the first time she slept that long. The longest she sleeps is around 5 hours. And she doesn’t really like the concept of a nap yet. We keep hoping and praying that sleepy time will stretch out for longer periods of time.

Each day we get to see something new. She is really becoming her own person. We are trying to enjoy every moment as the time seems to be going by so fast. Happy 3 month birthday, Emma!

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  1. Aunt Carole

    She grows more beautiful every time I check out your site..
    Can’t wait to meet her.

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