Emma: 5 months and counting

Emma is five months old, and has officially passed 14 pounds in weight! Like all other months so far, she was just as amazing this month. We constantly wonder how she can go from one stage to the next so quickly. This month gave us a big gift. More sleep! We no longer wake to feed her every two hours. There were several nights where Doug and I woke up scratching our heads, truly amazed she slept for so long.

Emma at 5 months

We finally established a fairly routine schedule at night. I think this really helped. It’s a real joy to be woken up by your baby when she’s laughing and talking to imaginary friends. This continues for up to an hour before she lets us know she’s done chatting, and wants to eat.

Doug was home a lot over the holiday season. Emma was very happy to spend time with her daddy. I know it’s always hard for Doug to go back to work each week. So it was really a great time for all of us. We also had Nana and Grandpa Bowman here from Florida. It was nice to have family visit us for the holidays, instead of us going to them.

This was also the first month of frustration for Emma. She is desperately trying to roll over, but hasn’t figured out how to yet. If that crazy arm would just move, she would be on her belly! Emma and I are still going to our play group, but just once a week. Emma is still in the 3-6-month group, but almost all her friends (and Mommy’s) have moved on to the 6-9 group. It’s still a lot of fun though–Emma is now one of the oldest in her group, so we get to show off how much more a 5-month-old baby can do vs. a 3-month-old.

Happy birthday, Emma! We love you.