Addie at 10 months

With Emma, we chronicled every month of her life. We took photos, wrote blog posts, and never missed a month.

Here we are today, Addie is ten months old. Looking back at Emma, I realized that the similarities between the two are uncanny. However, their personalities couldn’t be more different.


Addie is a little behind Emma in her physical development. Emma was cruising around and standing on her own at this point. Addie is hilarious. We know she wants to move around and stand up. However, she’d much rather have you do the work. She’s growing and strong so we’re not worried. We know she will keep us on our toes soon enough.

The greatest joy is watching the girls interact together. Emma can make Addie laugh every time. And Addie loves her big sister. You can tell by the way her face constantly lights up when Emma walks into the room. There really is no great joy.


In case you were wondering, Emma and Addie look very much alike at this age. I couldn’t believe it myself. Here’s a picture of the girls, both ten months old.