Dining must: smoked turkey leg

For meat-loving Disney guests, the smoked turkey leg is a must-try, at least once. Disney sells over 1.5 million turkey legs each year. You’ll inevitably see guests walking around enjoying these moist, savory treats that taste like a cross between bacon and smoked ham. Turkey legs are huge, and I’m sure people question whether they’re really turkey. I’ve been assured that they are 100% turkey. I just don’t often think about turkey legs being this large.

If you’re intimidated by the size, they can easily be shared with others in your party. I’m not a huge fan of dark meat, so I always share one with my mother. This way, I can still enjoy smoked turkey without committing to the entire leg.

Turkey legs are available at two locations in Disneyland. You can find them at a cart between Fantasyland and the Matterhorn, or inside Frontierland across from Big Thunder Railroad. They’re also available at two locations in California Adventure; one just outside the Hollywood Backlot, and one across from Toy Story Mania.

These legs are good, and seem to have a true cult following. For die-hard turkey leg fans, t-shirts, watches, even even [ahem] air fresheners are available from DisneyStore.com.