Emma turns 2 months old

2 months

Emma turned two months old yesterday. There have been days when time stands still, and days where time flies by. Everyone keeps telling us that it goes by so fast, and to enjoy every minute with her.

The last two months have been up and down for us. We both have had our own issues. When Emma was just four weeks old, Doug needed to have gall bladder surgery. This made home life a bit of a challenge. And I’ve had a hard time with breast feeding. Feeding has been harder for me than the actual birth! Just when things seemed to be back on track and Doug was getting ready to go back to work, I got an infection in my mouth and needed to have my wisdom teeth removed. For a while, it seemed like we’d never get a break. We are lucky to have my mom just a few hours away, she has been a real blessing for us. I’m glad to report that we’re finally doing well, and trying to establish a routine.

Emma is amazing. She is finally starting to grow. At today’s doctor visit, she weighed 9 pounds, 12 ounces. Up until recently, she was wearing the same premie-sized clothes. But she is finally outgrowing those. I am so excited to finally be able to put her into something new. I know we are partial but she sure is cute.

It’s been fun watching her develop. She has changed so much over the past two months. She can hold her head pretty steady now. When she’s in bed, she pushes herself around with her feet. She gave us her first smile a few weeks ago. Now she’s making little coos, honking grunts, and we’ve even heard a few giggle sounds from her. Check out the recent photos of her toward the end of our Baby Emma album and see for yourself how much she’s changed.