Getting (delayed) alone time


When my husband and I found out we were having a baby, it was a mutual decision that I would stay home. It’s been over six years now that I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. Now that we have two girls, I’ve found out so much about myself, my husband, and what it’s truly like to raise children.

My girls

I couldn’t be more proud of my two sweet girls. And I consider myself beyond lucky that I get to stay home with them. Most of the time. But there are times that I ask myself if I will ever get to pee uninterrupted again. Will I ever get to take a bath alone without one of them bursting through the door to show me another unnecessary band-aid they just put on their non-existent owie? Everything else is manageable. But sometimes, I just want a little bit of privacy.

Addie Pre-school

Well, that day finally came. Our youngest started preschool a couple weeks ago. At first I thought it would be amazing. I’d finally get to do all those things I’ve wanted to do for so long. Like, have that much anticipated alone time, in the bathroom.

That dream came true over the last two weeks, and you know what? It’s totally overrated. I miss them when they’re gone. I didn’t know they’d grow up so quickly. My request for “privacy” has been granted–I’m now home alone a few days a week. And it’s different than I thought it would be. I’ve found myself looking at the clock more than ever. I set my alarm for the first pick-up time, and eagerly await the second it goes off.

Emma and Addie

I’ll have all the alone time I want once they’re grown up. For now, I’ll take the chaos, meltdowns, lack of privacy, and interrupted sleeps. There will be a day I long for those things. The good and bad. It’s all a gift.

I am grateful.


  1. Marcy

    beautiful post Cam. Raising two girls myself at pretty much the same age difference, I share your sentiments. Only now mine are 15 & 16 and they are needing me even less. Cherish each and every moment you have with them. Raising girls is the best <3

  2. Isa

    Oh Cam, I know the feeling as well! Truly admire how you see the good in the reality of raising kiddos: it’s (overwhelming, mind bendingly, stressful awesome) craziness.

  3. Steph Sachs

    Beautiful post Cam! I try to remind myself of this every day! Especially on the hard

  4. jill (mrschaos)

    Alone time always sounds so wonderful. (And it really is!) But yeah…then you miss everyone and it’s just dang time for everyone to be home. I so get this. :)

  5. Chas

    Can these newsletters come to my email addy? I forget to track them down? I enjoy them. Cam…not to be a pain in the ass…but I really wanted the 2015 Xmas card collage. 2014 is still looking at me from my desk. There. I said it. Not sure what your extra time will do
    for your blogging and other ambitious shenanigans…but I look forward to finding out. *and just a thought the whey you manage the sibling dance you seem to puzzle together so well. If like to read about that.

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