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15 perfect homemade ice cream flavors

We all scream for ice cream! Here are 15 of the best ice cream flavors to keep in your freezer year round.

Strawberry swirl cheesecake ice cream.

I attended (and hosted) a FLOCK Presents conference a couple months ago. It was sponsored by Post Cereals. We eat a lot of cereal in our house, so I was thrilled to connect with Post on a different level.  For our dessert that day, we had vanilla ice cream with Fruity Pebbles as a topping. I already had a post ready to go about 15 homemade ice cream flavors, but I knew I needed to add the Fruity Pebbles to the mix.

fruity pebbles with ice cream

Another confession… My kitchen aid ice cream bowl has been in my freezer for YEARS. I am not joking. I have no excuse not to use it other than it’s out of sight and I forget that I even own it. So today we cleaned it off and are ready to make a few fun flavors.

Homemade Ice Cream

Perfect pistachio ice cream.

Best homemade ice cream.

Strawberry swirl cheesecake ice cream.

Even as summer is coming to an end, ice cream is always a staple in our freezer. You can make all of these ahead of time and have them around all year long.