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DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Mugs

Do you love Rae Dunn mugs as much as I do? Well, now you can make your own Rae Dunn inspired mug. These mugs make the perfect holiday hostess gifts too.

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I am a huge Rea Dunn fan. In fact I rotate between my Hot Mess and Hustle mug every morning. As we get closer to the holidays, I thought it would be fun to fire up my Circut and make these fun Rae Dunn inspired mugs as hostess gifts for my cookie exchange party.

What you’ll need:

  • Ceramic mugs (I got mine from the dollar store. If you want them to match, be careful. I ended up with two different whites)
  • Cutting machine – Cricut (best gift I ever received)
  • Blue light grip mat
  • Oracle 651 permanent vinyl (green, red or color of your choice)
  • Transfer paper (I’m using Cricut brand because that seems to work best for me)
  • A weeding tool
  • A scraper tool
  • A weeding tool
  • A scraper tool
  • Scissors and/or cutter tool
  • Access to a design program
  • Items to fill your finished mugs with

Downloading the Rae Dunn inspired Skinny font:

Be sure to download and import the font to the design program. Either of these fonts is very similar to her writing. This is a Rae Dunn inspired font from This is a Rae Dunn inspired font from

Rae Dunn

*NOTE: once adding vinyl to these mugs they no longer become dishwasher or microwavable safe due to the vinyl. Perfect to use for coffee or tea from a pot or Keurig machine. Be sure to download the free gift tag with instructions. 

Get to work!

In your design program type the phrases you would like to use to display on your mugs. For a more clever gift, use phrases that relate to the gift that can be added to the mug. (ex. Candy Cane and add candy, Mistle TOE and add a pedicure set, Hot Cocoa and add a hot cocoa set). 

Measure the words to be approximately 4 inches in height to take up a majority of the real estate on the front of the mug. The width will vary depending on the word chosen. 

* NOTE: If the phrase is lengthy in width or the mug you choose to use is different from the white ceramic dollar tree mugs, be sure to measure the mug top, bottom and around the sides and adjust the height of the phrase accordingly. 

Cricut machine making DIY projects

Align and press the vinyl onto the light, blue grip mat and load into the machine. Be sure to adjust the material dial to vinyl before hitting cut. This is something I forget to do often. 

Weeding with the Cricut

After the cut is complete, unload the mat, and remove the cut vinyl. Using the weeding tool (looks like a dentist pick) begin to weed around the letters along with the spaces within the letters. Ex: “O” the shape inside the letter will need to be removed. Weeding is very therapeutic I might add. 

Next, measure and cut the transfer paper to cover the vinyl. Slowly and carefully apply it on top of the cut and weeded vinyl. Apply pressure with the scrapper tool (or old gift card if you don’t have a scraper tool) over the vinyl to relieve any air bubbles and help it adhere to the transfer paper. 

Flip the vinyl with the attached transfer paper (vinyl should be letters down). Carefully roll the backing from the vinyl away leaving the cut vinyl letters only on the transfer paper (you will be able to see through the transfer paper). Carefully line the transfer tape with vinyl attached to the front center of the mug. Make sure it is straight and in the center. 

* Remember we are also working with a curved surface. Start with laying down the middle and working your way to the sides to help it lay flat. 

If placement is to your desire, use the scraper tool to smooth and apply pressure for vinyl to transfer on the surface of the mug. Very slowly roll the transfer paper away with pressure. Doing this will leave the vinyl behind.

This Rae Dunn inspired font is very thin and you may need to help the vinyl along with your fingers at times. Starting at the top of the letters and rolling the transfer paper down to the bottom of the mug will help the letters adhere to the mug better.

Hot Cocoa mug

Lastly, use your fingers and press down over the vinyl to ensure it has properly adhered to the mugs. I also use a hairdryer on low to make sure it’s really on there. 

Printable Gift Tags

Once you’re done with your new Rae Dunn inspired mug, add the trinkets, candy or other gifts as desired to your mug. If it’s going to be a gift, wrap in clear cellophane and tie an optional ribbon around the mug. Don’t forget the “how to care for” instructions gift tag and you are all finished! 

DIY Coffee Mugs

If you know you’re going to be making a lot of these mugs, mix them up and use different colors. I loved both the red and green for the Hot Cocoa mugs. It seems like a lot of work, but really it’s not. Once you get going, you’ll be making all the things. My Cricut has become one of my favorite craft gadgets yet. Sure, they’re not cheap. But if you see yourself using it often, I can’t recommend it more.