Look who’s talking now (4 months)

Emma is now four months old, and all I can say is GRRRRRRRR. Yep, she found her voice and loves to talk to her toys… or just about anything or anyone else who will listen. She definitely has a captive audience with us–we never get sick of hearing her growling noises followed by big grins and giggles.

4 months

This was a big month for us. It was our first Thanksgiving as a family. We spent the weekend in Oroville with my mom. Although it was a quiet one, we had a great time. That weekend, Emma had her first picture taken with Santa. We were worried about how she would react to a strange, jolly old man all dressed in red. We didn’t need to worry though, she was fine. We managed to get a pretty good picture.

Emma also took her first plane ride. We flew back to Ohio in early December for a few days. She finally got to meet her great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on Doug’s side of the family. She was both thrilled and overwhelmed. It was freezing in Ohio, and we actually had one full day of snow. We don’t know what Emma thought of the snow as it drifted down on her face. But she didn’t seem to mind too much. Overall, she did really well traveling. If we hadn’t had a horrible delay coming home, she would have been great. I think she did better than her mom and dad, that’s for sure.

It’s amazing how fast the time is going by. It’s bittersweet to see how quickly she has changed. We get a little sad and nostalgic that we’ll never get to go back to the days when her tiny body was swimming in premie-sized clothing. But we’re excited about the development and the new things we see every day. Her personality is really starting to come through. We count ourselves so lucky to live each day with this amazing little girl!