Second pregnancy guilt

I was in the middle of writing this post when I saw this article over at, “I Suck at My Second Pregnancy.” I’ve been struggling with this for some time. Basically, since we found out I was pregnant.

The reason I have guilt has nothing to do with our current situation, it started long before that. I realized early on that this pregnancy was going to be different. The pregnancy itself, not the baby, had to take a back burner to our everyday life. We have a 3.5 year old who needs a lot of attention and I honestly haven’t have had time to even realize I’m pregnant. With Em, we could tell you exactly how far along we were, our due date, her name, ect. We even had her nursery done by the time we were only four months along.

With the second pregnancy I lost a week somewhere along the way. You would think I would be more on top of things since I’m on bed rest this time around, but I just can’t keep up. My husband finally ordered several things we need and put the crib up over the weekend. Considering this baby can come at any time, that was probably a good idea. I just assume these things are going to happen on their own…somehow.

I’ve talked to my OB about “the second pregnancy guilt.” He says it’s very normal. Life goes on but that doesn’t mean you don’t love this child as much as you do your first.

Did you go through this? Did you do anything special during your second pregnancy that made it unique to your first?