Emma: 7 months old

Happy Birthday, Emma!

7 months

Today Emma turned seven months old. We have now mastered eating. Or at least, Emma thinks she has. She’s eating three meals a day just like we are. She gets fruit and cereal in the mornings, fruit and veggies for lunch, and two veggies for dinner. Along with each meal she also gets Cherios! Her new favorite word to hear. It’s kinda funny to see her watch us walk over to the cupbord with the cereal. She knows exactly what’s in there. Reminds me of Jackson when he was a puppy.

high chairIt amazes both of us how much she eats. Just when you think she’s done, she’ll eat another serving. It’s so much fun. We take turns feeding her. But Daddy usually does breakfast, while I do lunch, and we share dinner.

So far she is still loving her jumper. She would jump until the sun goes down if we let her. We’ve even raised it up a notch, so we know she is growing big and tall. I think the last time we weighed her, she had just hit the 16-pound mark.

Our other love in life is the swing. Doug takes her over to the park almost every night so she can get some play time in. It’s awesome to see pure joy as she sails through the air. A little too high in my opinion. But they have a great time.

Emma hasn’t started to crawl yet, but she is sure trying. I don’t encourage this because I know it will happen on it’s own all too soon! However, she is sitting up all on her own. She will sit and play with her bucket of toy shapes (thanks, Dave and Cheree) for a long time. She also got a Leap Frog learning table (gotta love Craigslist!) which she will grow into. But for now, we take the legs off the learning table, and she sits on the floor and is content to play with what she can reach.

The one surprise for us is how loud she can be. No one believes us, since it’s usually in our own home. But WOW, she can really “sing” when she wants to. We just stare at her in disbelief that it’s actually her making all these loud noises. Even Jackson gives us a look like “Really? She’s staying here for good?”

camandemmaWe had a dear friend pass away this month, so we had an unexpected trip away. While our reason for the trip was sad, it was good to see so many good friends. Emma did really well on the trip. I think she actually did better than the both of us. She just went with the flow, not caring that she was sleeping in crazy cribs that weren’t her own. I must say, it was a lot easier than I had expected. She loved going for walks around the harbor, seeing the big boats and all the different birds. We love watching her as she tries to figure all these new things out. It’s almost like we get to experience things again in a whole new way.

There are a lot of changes coming our way. I’ll let Doug tell you about that later. Right now I’m going to sit here and watch Emma play with her new taggie ball she received for her birthday!