Emma at 10 months

Wow. 10 months down. It won’t be long until Emma is a year old. The past month has gone by fast. We’ve gotten a little behind in posting photos to Flickr, and the last 9-month post was written way too late. So Cam is forcing me to stop other tasks to make sure we get this one written and published as close as possible to Emma’s birthday.

in highchair

We’ve seen big changes for Emma this past month. As you might be able to see in some photos, she is finally growing more hair (slowly, but surely). Her vocabulary is growing too. We don’t quite hear full words yet. But we can very distinctly make out “da da da” and “ma ma ma”. Unfortunately for Cam, “da da da” usually comes out when she’s playing and happy. And “ma ma ma” is almost always coupled with crying and a need to be comforted. Either way, she’s adorable when we hear either of those from her.

This month, both Cam and Emma were away for five days. Cam took Emma and Jackson up to Oroville, and I stayed behind because of work. It was a lonely week for me living in an empty house, and I missed my family terribly. That was the longest I’ve ever been apart from both Cam and Emma. Being away from my daughter for that long was certainly difficult. Especially because that’s when she started saying “da da da!”

No signs of her top two teeth yet, but we’re waiting for those to break through any day now.

Assuming she has something to hold on to at the right height, Emma can now easily stand on her own. She either stands at her LeapFrog music table, or she’ll stand beside our ottoman and do little dances by bending her knees. She also stands at her toy basket and reaches in to grab the next toy she wants. She’ll even shuffle sideways around the ottoman to get to the Tivo remote control.


Cam says that she’s seen Emma crawl forward twice now. But she won’t do it anytime I’m around. Instead, just like last month, she gets on her hands and knees and scoots backwards. No matter how much we coax her, we can’t get her to crawl forward on demand yet.

She’s just getting started on walking. She’ll take little baby steps as long as we’re holding both hands and providing lots of support. She’s still very wobbly and unpredictable in her footsteps. But when she really wants to move forward, she’ll string together a series of very determined steps.

How is it possible that our little girl is ten months old already? We don’t know. But we can both say that our love and appreciation for Emma continues to grow greater and greater every day. She is an amazing, adorably cute, smart, and feisty baby. Quite a wonderful little package, if you ask me.