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DIY recycled-material fire starters

Bring these easy-to-make fire starters with you on your next camping trip to make fire building that much easier.

fire starter

We are getting ready to hit the road this summer on a fun camping trip. One of the best DIY projects that my Girl Scout training has taught me is how to make a fire starter from recycled household supplies. My girls love making these since they’re so easy. Plus, it will get your fire started much faster. And everyone will be one step closer to having a s’more in hand.

Our Junior Girl Scout loves making these. As you can see from the video, it’s super easy to make. With simple materials around the house, you’ll be making these in no time. Or rather, your Girl Scout will be making them for you in no time.

Supplies for DIY Fire Starters

Supplies needed:

  • Empty cardboard toilet paper tube
  • Dryer Lint
  • Tissue paper
  • Yarn
  • Scissors

fire starter

Directions for making DIY Fire Starters:

  1. Begin by gathering your materials into separate piles for easy access.
  2. Stand the toilet paper tube upright.
  3. Stuff some dryer lint into the tube, but don’t overpack.
  4. Roll the stuffed tube in tissue paper. Secure the ends of the tube with string or yarn.
  5. To use your fire starter, simply light the end of the tube where the tissue paper is.
  6. Place it in your fire pit or campfire covered gently with wood.
  7. As the tissue burns, the flame will make its way through the tube quickly igniting the lint.

DIY Fire Starters

All of the items used in this DIY fire starter will burn quickly once lit. Always keep general fire safety in mind. Don’t let children light or tend to these fire starters. Within minutes they will really get your fire roaring. The best part is they can be made from materials you find around the house for free!

** Note: We’ve received a lot of feedback from the use of lint because of the high amounts of plastics in our clothing. Keep this in mind when you are using dryer lint. A great alternative is to take shredded paper and candle wax.

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