101 Disneyland Tips, the book

I’m so excited that I finally get share my new book with you. 101 Disneyland Tips is now available for purchase in paperback, Kindle, and other eBook reader editions.

Back in September, I started a 30 Days of Disneyland Tips email newsletter. Each day, for the month of September, I sent out a previously unpublished tip about Disneyland. As the month came to a close, I realized I had many more tips to share. More tips meant more content, and that content somehow got wrangled together into a real, live, physical (and digital) book! Can you tell I’m excited?

When we first started our Disneyland adventures, I couldn’t find a good book or a website that fit our needs. I didn’t want a typical guide book that walked me through every step of the park. I also didn’t want someone telling me how to survive the park either. I wanted tips based on someone’s experience. Advice to make our trips easier. I wanted to know about a few of the lesser-known elements that don’t always get discovered on the first few Disneyland visits. I wanted to be able to come home and tell my friends about the little moments that added the extra magic to our trip. Since I didn’t find the perfect book for us, after a few years and many of our own Disneyland visits, I wrote something that I would have wanted several years ago. The subtitle says it best. It’s an insider guide full of time-saving advice and lesser-known, can’t-miss experiences.

If you enjoyed my 30 days of Disneyland Tips back in September, you’ll enjoy the book even more. The book contains most of those tips, plus a huge set of additional tips. The book is easy to follow, and reads quickly. And either the paperback or the eBook version also works as a great take-along book for your own Disneyland visit. Whether you’re planning your first trip, or your tenth, there are nuggets in this book for everyone.

Visit the book’s one-page website, 101DisneylandTips.com, for easy access to each of the booksellers that now offer the book for sale!


  1. Annemarie

    Congratulations, Cam! I’m sure it’s an amazing book!

  2. ivy

    Quick question, do these apply to Disney World as well?

    1. Cam bigcrazylife.com

      Hi Ivy, A lot of these tips are tailored for Disneyland. However, the basics can be applied to either locations. We just got back from WDW in December. We spent 7 days there, it was a very different experience.

  3. Lin @ DisneyMamas disneymamas.com

    Congratulations! I’m definitely a WDW girl, so the next time we make it Disneyland I’ll make sure to pick up a copy!

    1. Cam bigcrazylife.com

      Thank you Lin. We just went to WDW in December, it was so different from Disneyland.

  4. Becky

    Hi Cam, Congrats on your book. I’m planning my first DL trip for the end of the year so I’ll have to check out your book. Which do you prefer? WDW or DL? I know you wrote that it was a different experience. I’ve been a WDW kid for 32 years and have lost count the amount of times I’ve been there so I’m curious. Hope you had fun. WDW is a blast :)

    1. Cam bigcrazylife.com

      Hi Becky, I’m afraid I’m a DL girl true and true. We did spend 7 days at WDW and the kids had a blast. DL is just so much easier to navigate with little ones. I’m sure we’ll be back to WDW when the kids are a bit older.

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