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Junior Scope

Omano Junior Scope: perfect for your Girl Scout troop!

Nov 30, 2017 Our friends at BSM Media and Omano sent us a Junior Scope microscope for kids. With the help of this microscope, we were able to take water samples and analyze what is in our drinking water, fresh water, and an area pond. ~400 words

Colorblind vs woke

Feb 26, 2017 This blog has always been a space where I’ve written a lot about my family, Disney, or any DIY projects that I might attempt to tackle. But I need to have a conversation that will make most of us extremely… ~1,000 words

Edventure More Summer Camps

Mar 19, 2014 Last year was the first year our oldest daughter went to summer camp. I wanted her to have a new experience making friends as she transitioned into Kindergarten. We found a camp that was a perfect fit, and opened… ~300 words