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Face masks (for adults) that will make you laugh

Oct 30, 2020 KidCover also makes a handful of masks intended for adults that will make you laugh. Although these maskes are not for everyone, it will get a point across quickly. ~600 words

Benefits of teaching your kids the lost art of sewing

Jul 6, 2020 There are so many skills this generation of kids miss out on. The art of sewing is something I’m proud pass down to my own children, and see them continue a family tradition. Sewing is not only a craft my kids love… one of them is already making a business out of it. ~700 words

masks on a table

How to make a mask with bias tape

Apr 4, 2020 Now that we should all be wearing masks in public, and since elastic is in short supply, I spotted a need for fabric masks made with bias tape. Here’s a quick tutorial on how we make ours. ~300 words