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We love visiting our favorite characters at Disneyland.

Taking your preschooler to Disneyland

Feb 22, 2017 We’ve been taking our girls to Disneyland since our oldest daughter was just 15 months old. Since then, we’ve been hitting the parks with both of our kids on a regular basis. Our oldest daughter is now eight years old,… ~1,400 words

Disney characters in front of the Disneyland castle

The true magic of Disneyland

Feb 20, 2017 Disney really is magical. We feel it every time we step foot into the park. We’re so glad we have these memories to share. You can never be too old or too young for Disneyland. These memories aren’t just magical, they’re priceless. ~1,000 words

Goodbye preschool

Aug 5, 2013 I blinked and this year was over. Just like that, preschool is over. I have so many emotions over my daughter starting Kinder this year. When my husband said, “we will no longer be her number one influencers anymore,” things… ~100 words

Preschool graduation: our first of many milestones

May 29, 2013 I need a tissue. Our little girl just graduated from pre-school this past weekend. For some, this isn’t a big deal. For me, it’s a turning point. I’m seeing her grow up so fast, and I don’t know how to… ~88 words