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A child holding out a piggy bank

Teaching kids about saving and spending in the digital age

Jun 17, 2019 In today’s digital age, how do we teach kids the value of money, and the effects of saving and spending when money is mostly invisible to them? We found an excellent helper app to do just that. ~2,900 words

Pillow fight.

Household rules all kids need

Jun 13, 2019 Every household is different when it comes to what rules they establish. As a parent, it’s entirely up to you what you implement for your own household rules. Here are some basic categories of rules all kids need. ~500 words


20 refreshing watermelon recipes

Jun 11, 2019 We like to hold onto summer as long as we can. With these fun watermelon recipes, you can get your kids in the kitchen, have the best summertime healthy salads, and be the hit at the neighborhood potluck.  ~400 words

Peanut butter oatmeal bars

25 make-ahead breakfast ideas

Jun 4, 2019 25 make-ahead breakfast ideas that will help get you going in the mornings and make your day start smoothly. ~300 words

Books for Empowerment

Ten empowering books for girls

May 30, 2019 I’m a girl mom. And coming up with the title for this post was important and I wanted to get it right. I really did. But when it came down to it, I am raising two girls. My job is… ~300 words

Lemon Chicken on Sheet Pan

12 savory lemon recipes

May 28, 2019 Lemons are such a versatile component of many recipes. We love our share of sweet lemon treats. But these savory lemon recipes are excellent additions for your meal-time planning. ~300 words

DIY Flamingo Thumb Tacks

20 flamingo DIY craft projects

May 22, 2019 Flamingos are making a comback. These 70s iconic lawn tropies are now fun pink birds that make a statement. Here are 20 easy and fun DIY flamingo projects. ~300 words

Easy Zucchini Bread Recipe

Quick and easy zucchini bread recipe

May 21, 2019 My grandmother’s zucchini bread recipe is quick and easy. My family devours it straight from the oven. So I’m betting your whole family will love it too. ~400 words

15 Easter Brunch Recipes

15 brunch ideas just in time for Easter

Mar 24, 2019 Whether you make one or all of them, here are 15 easy Easter brunch ideas. From sweet to savory, vegan to Keto, this list has something for everyone. ~400 words

When is your next mammogram? Breast exams save lives.

Let’s talk about our breasts.

Feb 8, 2019 Normalizing breast self-care is critical for early breast cancer detection. Let’s talk with each another more often about the importance of annual exams and early detection. ~500 words

Bowling at Splitsville

Visiting Splitsville in Downtown Disney

Nov 25, 2018 Experience bowling at its finest. Check out Splitsville’s luxury lanes, conveniently located in Downtown Disney, for a fun evening your whole family will enjoy. ~200 words

Fancy Nancy Doll

Toys for all ages: a JAKKS Pacific Toys review

Nov 21, 2018 The holidays are here, consider these fun toys from JAKKS Pacific Toys. They have toys from Black and Decker, Disney, Nintendo, Daniel Tiger and more.  ~300 words

Instant Pot Cookbooks

Is an Instant Pot worth it?

Oct 15, 2018 Have you been wondering if you should get an Instant Pot and if it’s really worth the hype? You’ll love your Instant Pot after making these 5 easy recipes. ~500 words

Bombas Socks

Back to school with Bombas

Sep 4, 2018 Each pair of Bombas socks are knitted with the mantra of “bee better” as a reminder that for each pair purchased, one pair is donated to someone in need. ~300 words

Summer camp in Italy

Jul 25, 2018 This summer, our girls attended summer camp in Italy. Last week we packed our bags and headed to Florence, Italy where our kids spent a week at Canadian Island summer camp. ~500 words

Fishing Lab, non-traditional seafood in the heart of Florence, Italy

Jul 19, 2018 Searching for a brief respite from the pasta and pizza you find on every corner in Florence? Try Fishing Lab for a non-traditional seafood dining experience. ~1,000 words

Announcing Big Crazy Life

New site, shifted focus, same big crazy life

Jul 11, 2018 We’re thrilled to launch our new site. And we think we came up with a pretty apt name for it: Big Crazy Life. Almost all of the content from Growing up Goofy, a fresh coat of paint, and a slightly shifted focus. ~300 words

Dyslexia: When the signs are in front of you, read them!

Jul 3, 2018 For the last few years, we’ve had some nagging concerns about our oldest daughter, and how she is progressing at school. She’s really small for her age, can be very shy, and often disliked certain kinds of homework. I know… ~800 words

Flying on Spirit Airlines

Jun 26, 2018 There are a few things you should know about me, I used to be a flight attendant and I hate flying. This makes it really hard to fly with me. I have high expectations for what a flight should be ~500 words


Plan your next event with Paperless Post

May 28, 2018 Everyone knows I love to host parties and get-togethers on a regular basis. With so many of us on different schedules, bouncing from soccer games to dance recitals, paperless invitations just make sense. I’ve been using Paperless Post for the last five years, and love how it takes the work out of creating a formal invitation. ~300 words