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DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Mugs

Oct 22, 2019 Do you love Rae Dunn mugs as much as I do? Well, now you can make your own Rae Dunn inspired mug. These mugs make the perfect holiday hostess gifts too. ~900 words

cars driving in several lanes

Product reviews, affiliate links, ads, and staying in my own lane

Oct 21, 2019 Do you ever speak up, then think maybe you shouldn’t have said anything? Or have you judged someone for doing something just because you wouldn’t do it? We all have. But we shouldn’t. ~500 words

Air fryer french fries

Designing an efficient kitchen

Oct 21, 2019 What’s your number one kitchen appliance? For me, it’s a toss up between the air fryer and the microwave. With limited kitchen counter space, I would have loved to have know about the Breville before our remodel. ~400 words

You are wonderful

100 things your Girl Scout leader wants you to know

Oct 15, 2019 Being a Girl Scout leader is hard. Here are a few things that troop leaders want parents, grandparents, and guardians to know. You knowing these can make our lives as troop leaders so much easier. ~1,500 words

pumpkin cheesecake bars

Pumpkin dessert recipes to enjoy this fall

Sep 17, 2019 Here are twenty pumpkin dessert recipes to enjoy during the fall and holiday months. ~300 words

Chicken Alfredo

Best weeknight crockpot meals

Sep 12, 2019 Don’t let the weeknight rush prevent you from having a great dinner. Here’s twenty-five easy weeknight crockpot recipes for those busy nights. ~300 words


Three ingredient Instant Pot recipes

Sep 4, 2019 New to the Instant Pot? Here are fifteen recipes that only have three ingredients. This is the perfect way to get use out of your Instant Pot and make a quick recipe for all occasions. ~300 words

Girl Scout Bronze Award Project

Sep 2, 2019 Our Junior Girl Scouts just completed their Bronze Award project. Find out how they picked their project, how it was a success, and what is happening to their project now that we’re done. ~400 words

Strawberry swirl cheesecake ice cream.

15 perfect homemade ice cream flavors

Aug 31, 2019 We all scream for ice cream! Here are 15 of the best ice cream flavors to keep in your freezer year round. ~300 words

Am I having a heart attack?

Aug 30, 2019 As women we tend to downplay our health and ignore issues when the come up. Make your health a priority and trust your instincts. ~500 words

Map of places to travel

Five things kids can do to save the earth

Aug 14, 2019 Looking for simple ways your kids can start taking care of the planet? Here are five easy things kids can do to save the earth. ~600 words

group of people around laptop

Ten Girl Scout leader essentials

Jul 27, 2019 Want to know what it takes to be a great Girl Scout leader? Here are ten Girl Scout leader essentials to get you through the years. ~1,000 words

Butternut Squash Soup

20 Instant Pot soups for fall and winter

Jul 14, 2019 Getting ready for back to school and late fall nights, here are several great soups perfect for the Instant Pot. ~500 words

Fruity Pebbles as an ice cream topper

Easy homemade ice cream in the KitchenAid

Jul 8, 2019 Do you have a KitchenAid mixer at home? Grab a KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment, and start making homemade ice cream in minutes. ~300 words

vw bus on the road

Road trip game printable

Jul 1, 2019 Keep your road trip fun and exciting with these free printable road trip games the whole family can play together. ~300 words

fire starter

DIY recycled-material fire starters

Jun 28, 2019 Bring these easy-to-make fire starters with you on your next camping trip to make fire building that much easier. ~400 words

Books for sale at a yard sale.

Girl Scout fundraiser ideas

Jun 27, 2019 These ideas for money-earning projects can be a fun way help your scout troop reach their fundraising goals, and teach them valuable lessons at the same time. ~1,200 words

Interior photo of Oga's Cantina showing patrons sitting at the bar

Oga’s Cantina experience in Star Wars Land: worth the hype?

Jun 24, 2019 Walking into Oga’s, admiring every detail, trying some fun drinks, and immersing yourself in the atmosphere of a bar on the edge of the galaxy is an experience to remember. Here’s what to know before you go. ~2,300 words

girl shopping

Is your child a spender or a saver?

Jun 23, 2019 Identifying your child’s spending or saving habits early on will help them make better financial decisions in the future. ~600 words

Three raspberry cupcakes

Summertime raspberry cupcakes

Jun 18, 2019 Take advantage of the fresh berries that scream summertime. These raspberry chocolate cupcakes are the best and perfect for any summertime event. ~700 words